Integrating Your Dog Into Your Family

Once you have brought a dog at home, you need to know that your family also becomes their family and it is very important that they know their place and role in the house. This will ensure the peace and order, as well as the adequate emotional balance of the animal.

A proper relationship between the dog and the people in the house is imperative. The idea that the dog must have only one master in the family is somehow wrong and may generate deviations in behavior, such as aggression towards some family members. Therefore, it is important for the whole family to interact with the animal in the same way, affectionately and firmly at the same time.

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The dog’s training must be done with patience and consistency – use the help of a dog training Colorado professional for excellent dog training and behavioral results.

As for the practical aspects related to the integration of the dog in the family, you must know that your new pet will also need different things, necessary for their comfort, safety and daily living. Here’s what you will have to consider purchasing for them:

Dog food

Industrial food will get you rid of the cooking tasks, but it must be specially designed for your dog`s needs.

Food and water bowls

These accessories will be chosen depending on the size of the dog. They should be easy to clean, as well as non-slippery, to allow the animal to feed more easily, without the risk to overturn them and waste their content. In the case of large dogs, specialists recommend bowls placed on adjustable supports, to facilitate feeding.


The choice of bedding depends on the dog’s size. It must also be comfortable, but also resistant and easy to wash.

It must be placed in quiet and warm area of the house, where there are no air currents.

Absorbent mats

Absorbent mats are very necessary in the first months of the puppy’s life, the period during which they will inevitably urinate or defecate through the house. These products retain moisture and unpleasant odors, so living with a small puppy can be carried out with maximum comfort.

Solutions for sanitizing the home

Solutions for sanitizing the home are created to remove stains and odors specific to pets (urine, feces, vomiting). Compared to ordinary cleaning solutions, they are 100% safe to the pets and contain enzymes that clean efficiently.


Toys will help the dog to pass much easier over the period of accommodation. Puppies aged 3-7 months are recommended special toys that also help them cope with the period of dentition change.

Solutions for eye, ear and tooth hygiene

These are important for maintaining your dog’s health and will be recommended by your vet.


Shampoo will be chosen primarily depending on the age of the dog. On a dog in the vaccination period, you will have to use a dry washing solution. Subsequently, throughout the growth period, when the puppy is considered a junior, a shampoo for junior dogs will be used, a product that takes into account the pH, the sensitivity but also the immunity of the skin of young pups.

In conclusion…

Choosing special products will help your new dog to be healthy and well fed, but do not forget that, above all this, your love must be the main ingredient when you integrate them into your family.