Common Repairs for a Swimming Pool

Repairs to the swimming pool are imminent, whether we like it or not. In time, the pool may be affected by temperature changes, frost-thaw, as well as by mechanic damage to the mosaic, liner, tiles, or other materials. If materials were not installed responsibly, in the first place, the risk is even bigger and may involve damage to pipes and other parts installed in the ground, near the pool.

Repairs are always performed according to the problems that occur during the operation of the pool, but also when owners start a renovation project designed to change the aspect and functionality of the pool. Repairs may be requires both for components that can be seen: mosaic, liner, sandstone, perimeter tiles, skimmers, lights, nozzles etc., but also for parts that are not visible: pipes, other buried parts, cables, technical room etc. The most common problems that require repairs are those affecting the pool`s structure: cracks in the tank or water loss through the perimeter gutter, walls or buffer tank.

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Why swimming pool repairs must not be ignored?

Whether it is located indoors or outdoors, a pool that is not properly maintained (according to the manufacturer’s specifications) will degrade sooner than it should. Among the reasons for big or small problem, we name only a few:

  • Owners do not carry out regular maintenance or allow it to be performed by non-qualified people (it is always advisable to call a maintenance company that will send you a team of professionals who work with de adequate tools, provide warranty and carry proper license and insurance);
  • Outdoor temperature variations typically affect swimming pool materials (applying a pool cover or using special devices to keep a stable temperature in cold weather is highly recommended);
  • Defects in the filtering system, pipe connection or pool heating (these parts must be checked by a specialist at least twice a year);
  • Early damage to the construction materials (most often it is about tiles, faience, mosaic, marble tiles or fasteners).

Every pool owner should be concerned about performing regular checkups and inspections of the pool, as well as the necessary maintenance operations before and after the cold season. A swimming pool that is well-maintained will have an extended lifespan, require fewer repairs over time and provide a more enjoyable experience to the users.

The pool manufacturer can advise you

Once you have made the decision to do some repairs to your swimming pool that will require both visual and technical changes, it is a good idea to contact a pool repair Plano company and get professional advice.

Whether you repair or remodel the pool, a consultant can help you make the right decisions. If you have no experience, it is never easy to make a plan for changing the liner with mosaic or the mosaic with pool tiles, replacing lights or skimmers, converting a pool with a skimmer into a pool with perimeter gutter, adding or replacing equipment for treating, filtering or recirculating pool water, or any other changes and repairs.