How to Stay Organized While Packing for a Move

Being Organized Helps Best Movers In Denver Stay Organized

The thought of moving to a new home may seem a bit intimidating, especially if the entire process is left until the very last week. Being organized when packing will help to better manage your time and things through the moving process. The moment a decision to move has been made it will be only a matter of time until everything will have to be moved to the new location.


It can never be too soon to start packing and the sooner you start, the better you will be able to manage your time and the less chaotic everything will be. Grab a notebook a week in advance and make a list of all the stuff available in your home. Moving to a new place is like starting a life from scratch, therefore, this is a perfect opportunity to do some trimming in the amount of stuff in your home and decide whether or not you want to keep everything.


Take a Tour of Every Room

During the room scouting process, many of the things may now seem irrelevant and packing them will add to the total transportation costs. Prepare the right boxes for the right stuff. Each type of item should have a specific container. As said, this process should be done weeks in advance and packing everything in a day is a terrible idea.


Starting early means that you can go through every room at your leisure and check all of the items present in that room. You will have the time to think and consider which items to keep. Start by picking a few items and continue to pack just a few each day and when the moving date comes, everything will be ready to be transported.


Declutter and Organize

Excess or unwanted stuff can be either donated or sold. A great idea would be doing a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items. Having too much stuff will make packing much more difficult and frustrating. After decluttering and it is time to compartmentalize. Each type of item should be packed in a specific way and must go in a specific box.


Similar items should be put together, plates in a box, books in another box, appliances in another and so on. This may not seem important but it will be in the future when the move is complete and you need to unpack. Essential items like the ones that have daily usage should be packed the very last and a good idea would be to put them into an essential box. This way, the moment you arrive at your new place, the essential items are accounted for.



Labeling is Essential

To remain organized, make sure to befriend stickers which can help mark the boxes to know its contents. Be specific. Scrawling “personal stuff” on a box offers little information about its contents and so, detailed labeling is encouraged.  Even the best movers in Denver need direction when moving boxes and furniture, so be specific with your labeling.


The essential box mentioned should contain some necessities for your first night in your new home. Unpacking will also take some time and make sure to have some toiletries, clothes and cooking utensils for your first day is essential for a smoother transition.