Interviewing Tips for Job Seekers

Once you have researched mental health therapist jobs Massachusetts services, and secured an interview, the next step is getting ready for the interview. The employment interview, considered the first moment when you come into contact with a person from the company you look to work for, is of utmost importance in the recruitment process. The interviewer will observe not only how you answer the questions and how you can contribute in the company, but also your body posture, verbal or behavioral twitches as well as your personal style – which may be very important details for some particular jobs.

Although there are several types of employment interviews (telephonic, panel type, group, online, behavioral etc.), the classic interview (a candidate, an interviewer) is the most common and consists of a series of questions which you have to answer. Depending on your answers, the interviewer will conclude whether or not you are the right person for the job.

interviewing for mental health therapist jobs Massachusetts

To make sure that everything will go well on the day of the interview, here is what we recommend you to do before meeting your potential employer:

  • Read everything you can find about the company; look at the company’s website – find out all about its mission and goals (if any), visit its profiles on social networks, look for what’s published in the press, watch presentations of the company`s CEO or other top All these are also useful to you, to see if you resonate with the company`s values, otherwise you might not be the best person for the job after all.
  • If you can find out who will interview you, “research” this person online. Alternatively, go to LinkedIn and see who’s in the human resources department of the company – see what his / her previous experience is, and try to figure out what kind personality has; this can make you more comfortable about your meeting.
  • Prepare questions, because you do not want to be in the scenario where you are given the opportunity to ask questions, and you genuinely have no clue about what to ask. If you prepare a series of questions, you will get rid of stress, not to mention that you will seem curious and interested in your own professional development and the role you will play within the company.
  • Be sure that you have printed a CV and a letter of intent – the interviewer typically has a copy of these documents (if you have sent them in advance), but if he/ she does not, you will make a good impression if you have them with you.

The day before the interview – prepare your outfit, accessories, footwear, check online or go to the address where the interview will take place (you certainly do not want to be late because you had to search the street, floors and offices at the last minute) , you can review the answers to the interviewers’ most frequently asked questions, prepare a healthy breakfast with proteins and fruits – you don’t want the empty stomach to give you extra headaches – get to bed at a decent time to rest properly.

In the morning of the interview – you must arrive 10-15 minutes earlier, smile and adopt a friendly attitude.

Once you have checked these to-do things, you will be able to focus on the aspect that matters most: the person in front of you and the job you want to get.