Is It Possible to Sell A Timeshare? – Solutions to a Difficult Problem

Solution To Difficult Problem

Many people think that once bought, timeshares cannot be sold and find themselves asking “can I sell a timeshare”? In the current economic and financial environment, timeshares are, indeed, easier to buy than to sell, but the answer to the question “is it possible to sell a timeshare?” is a definite yes – here is how.

Contact Your Seller and Other Owners

If your timeshare property is in an attractive place and the building is in good shape, too, your seller might be interested in buying it back from you. Whether or not the seller is interested in a buy-back depends on many factors, including their current developments in the area as well as supply and demand, but it is definitely worth a try.

The other thing that you can try is to contact the owners that you share the property with and to offer them your timeslot for sale. The owners who are most likely to be interested in your offer are the ones who use the property right before or right after your timeslot – if they like the place and they would like to spend more time there, they might be interested in your offer.

Tell Everyone You Know

You probably attended a presentation when you bought your timeshare, so there is no reason why you cannot pitch your timeshare property in a similar way when you want to sell it. Tell the people you know about your timeshare property, about the great time you have spent there – who knows, maybe your next-door neighbour is looking for exactly a place like that. You can back up your arguments with great photos of the property as well as with a personal account of what vacations are like there.

Use Real Estate Listings

Timeshare property is in many ways similar to conventional real estate ownership and many realtors agree to include timeshares into their portfolio of properties. Contact local real estate professionals and list your property with them or, if they don’t normally sell this type of property, ask for advice about where you can turn.

You can also use online real estate listings. Try to pick a nationwide website to maximize your chances of finding the best buyer, but be prepared that most companies charge fees and commissions to allow you to list your property with them.

Use Classified Ads

You can also choose to place a classified ad in one or more local newspapers. Classified ads are usually affordable and local papers reach out to lots of people who don’t use the internet to search for properties, so it can be a cheap and efficient way to find a buyer.

Use Auction and Retail Sites

Many of these websites have sections for selling real estate as well and those sections are available not only for placing ads of standard property, but for timeshare ads as well. Fees and commissions might be applicable with these sites as well, so check out the rules of bidding used by the website of choice to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as not getting the price that you want.