Who Makes Handmade Wooden Canoes?

Are you interested in handmade wooden canoes for sale? The best canoes are said to be entirely handcrafted and made of the finest cedar. But where can you find them? Below we’ll try to answer that question and point you into the right direction to get your new canoe quickly, cheaply and without any concerns.

Checking Your Options Online

Most businesses have an online website these days, so it’s generally pretty easy to go online and look up someone who can provide you with a high quality custom made canoe. Providers of handmade canoes are more prevalent, since they don’t have to use expensive tools and machines, and they usually work from home, so they don’t even need a large workshop.

It’s important to be careful, however, since some sellers are actually resellers, and they add their own commission on top of the price you’d normally pay for a canoe. As a result, you’d actually end up paying more when you buy from them. That might be a good idea if you buy a type of standard canoe that can only be found overseas, and that would cost a lot to ship from Europe or Asia. However, when it comes to handmade canoes, it’s not really a great deal.

Handmade wooden canoes for sale are best found at stores that both sell and manufacture their own custom canoes. That way, you can contact them and ask them for exactly the type of design you want. Since they have their own business, chances are that they have the ability to design, build and sell you a canoe in a fairly acceptable amount of time. If you’re fortunate enough to work with a company like J-Stroke Handcrafts, you might even get your new canoe in record time! 


Visiting a Local Craftsman

In many areas, local craftsmen can provide you with a handmade wooden canoe without much fuss. If you find one, then it’ll be pretty easy to order one as long as they’re free and they have the time to grant your request. Unfortunately, the most skilled of these experts will rarely have enough time to get all their projects done in a fair amount of time. In most cases, you’ll either have to pay a lot of money to be bumped to the top of the list, or you’ll have to wait a long time before they complete their other projects and they can get started working on yours.

By the time your new handmade canoe is ready, summer might have passed, and you’ll have to simply wait until next year, before you can even try it out properly.

Nevertheless, visiting a local craftsman is a good idea if you just want to get some quick information about the process or about what you should look for in your custom handmade canoe.

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Buy from the Best Store

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