What Is a Hot Tub, Spa and an Underwater Jetted Bathtub?

Many people speak about the advantages of having a hot tub or a Jacuzzi (bathtub with underwater jets) at home, but what is a hot tub spa anyway, and what can you gain by having either a regular or a large hot tub placed outside your home or in a large bathroom area? Understanding what hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzi installations are, and knowing the differences between each of them should help you make a better decision about which one you need and why.


The Difference Between a Hot Tub and a Spa

Let’s start with an in-ground spa. What are in-ground spas, and where can they usually be found? An in-ground spa is typically very similar to a regular pool. Designed as an underground body of water featuring regulated water temperature and supply, and often fitted with water treatment systems as well, in-ground spa installations often have bench seating and a few jets built-in as well. In residential settings, an in-ground spa is designed to be attached to the pool, and it often takes much longer to heat up than either a hot tub or a Jacuzzi.

So, what is a hot tub spa anyway? Hot tubs are basically portable spa installations that are fitted above-ground and can be installed either in an outdoor or indoor setting. Hot tubs are not always portable, however, and sometimes they are designed to be fitted in a set area.

Because hot tubs have all the necessary electrical and water heating systems built-in, there is no need for plumbing. You can just fill them up with a common garden hose, turn on the system, and then start enjoying your hot tub a short time later, once the water has been properly heated. You can drain the hot tub any time, and set it up in any other area of your home that you want.

New hot tubs for sale by retailers often feature highly advanced technological systems such as heating systems designed to be ready whenever you are. You can set up the water to be heated and maintained at an optimal temperature in advance, so there’s never any need to wait for your hot tub to be heated. Additionally, there is a high level of versatility and diversity when it comes to the number of jets a hot tub has, how easy it is to maintain and how energy-efficient it can be.

What Is a Jacuzzi?

Now the so-called “Jacuzzi” is actually a brand name, which is something most people forget. The manufacturer in question has made jetted bathtubs famous, and the name has typically become synonymous with this type of installation.

Jetted bathtubs are bathtubs and hot tubs featuring underwater jets, which were invented by the Jacuzzi brothers to be first used in common bath tubs. Since then, the term “jacuzzi” became quite common whenever people refer to anything from a basic in-ground spa, to a hot tub or a jetted bathtub. Of course, not every hot tub or jetted bathtub is a Jacuzzi, since the accurate meaning of the term is that the bath tub or hot tub in question is in fact fitted with underwater jets.