Unique Uses for Storage Units

Colorado Springs storage units are very popular when you relocate or renovate your existing home, as they are great solutions to store your belongings safely, for as long as you cannot have them back in the house. But sometimes storage units are used for other things than storing stuff, and some of these uses can be very creative and even unconventional.

Colorado Springs storage units

Workout area

It is great to have your own at-home gym, but very few people can actually afford it. However, there is an alternative: storing some workout stuff in a rented storage unit and sweat on there. Even if the space is not huge like in a regular gym, you can still find room for a stepper, resistance bands, dumbbells and a yoga mat.

Make-shift workshop

Turning your space into a make-shift workshop is another great idea. You can have a dedicated space, away from your home, to practice a craft and store your products before selling them online.

Business Space

Colorado Springs storage units can also be great for those who are in the process of starting their own businesses and want to keep costs as low as possible, at least until they grow and will be able to afford more. There are storage units that can be customized into offices, with plenty of space for a few desks, inventory and supplies.

Art gallery

There is an artist, in Miami, who recently created a gallery from three storage containers, including a studio and his private living space. If you are not an artist, you may still benefit from a storage unit to keep your kid`s artwork, just in case they show some early signs of becoming the next Picasso.

Practice studio

If you are a musician, you know only too well the challenges of practicing your instrument without disturbing the peace of your neighborhood. Some are lucky enough to have a garage that may work great as a practice studio, if it is sound insulated. But if you cannot afford a garage, you should consider a storage space, where you can really play undisturbed. There is a storage facility, just outside of San Francisco, committed to provide sound-proof rehearsal spaces for musicians. But you may get the permission to practice your instrument even within a regular storage facility.

Wine Storage

If you are a wine collector who does not have a basement or enough space in the house to create a room for their wine collection, you can turn to Colorado Springs climate controlled storage units, which will allow you to maintain the temperature and humidity suitable for wine storage.

Emergency cache         

You can transform a storage unit into your emergency cache. You can store food, water and other items that will turn to be very important in case of an emergency. On the other hand, if you live in an area prone to tornadoes or other natural calamities, you can simply rent a unit in a safe location and leave it empty, just in case you will need to drop off items from your home, if you ever need to flee.